July 11, 2012

Today is the day!

We are very happy to announce that Hannah’s record is now complete. It’s coming out in Canada and the U.S. of A on Tuesday October 2nd on Dine Alone Records. Following in a rich tradition of great artists and bands before her like Duran Duran, David Bowie and Madonna, the new record will be an eponymous, self-titled affair.

Graham Walsh from Holy Fuck produced the album. Howie Beck mixed it. And the album features the playing of our producer Graham, Wintersleep’s Loel Campbell and Tim D’eon, Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond with Joel Stouffer of Dragonette, Dean Drouillard (too many artists to name), Charles F of Wintergloves and Shadrach Kabango pitching in.

To deliver this good news and not let you hear some of the music just doesn’t feel right. So we have a few treats for you. Visit Dine Alone Records to stream Enemies, one of the ten new songs on the record.

Like what you heard, and want to keep listening to Enemies without eating up your data plan or you find it awkward holding your lap top to your ear while running on the treadmill, then download Enemies for free and listen to it when, where and however you wish.


Lastly, we have a video of Hannah playing Enemies live at the CBC headquarters in Vancouver. Hannah and the band: Ryan Guldemond, Ali Siadat, Graham Walsh, Ted Gowans and Andrew Braun played a bunch of the new songs live in June. We recorded all of them. Stay tuned for more news on when the audio and video from this session will be released.

We’ll also have North American tour news coming soon as well as more release info for Hannah Georgas Self Titled, like when it will be out in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world.

Hope you enjoy the new music. More to come.

Team Hannah

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